Parting Thoughts For anthropic reasoning to make sense, we have to assume that the Multiverse really exists even though we have not yet seen it. Is anthropic reasoning ?scientific?? Yes! It has consistently been the most fruitful concept in cosmology. It explains the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy?.explaining the Universe is the next logical step. The Multiverse and our Universe are both closely related to the old ?steady state? theory, which also invoked inflation and matter creation. Inflation is generic and in fact is responsible for everything in the Universe and the Multiverse. It is why we are here. Inflation is the closest thing that Physics has to God. Inflation is enabled by the Cosmological Constant ?, which Einstein regretted. In fact, ? is the most original new component of GR.
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limit of cosmic knowledge : Talk by Sandra M. Faber on 11-Dec'12
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