Extreme Consequences of Extended Inflation If Dark Energy stays constant, size of Universe will double every 11 Byr. Consider a galaxy moving away from us at 10,000 km/s: Now ? 14 Byr 10,000 km/s 25 Byr 20,000 km/s 36 Byr 40,000 km/s 47 Byr 80,000 km/s 58 Byr 160,000 km/s 69 Byr 320,000 km/s > speed of light! All galaxies expanding away from us now will redshift out of sight. We, the Andromeda galaxy, and the other small members of the Local Group will be all alone in the cosmos. Inflation creates matter-energy: We now have more space with the SAME density of dark energy!
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limit of cosmic knowledge : Talk by Sandra M. Faber on 11-Dec'12
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