Three Parts/Brains Lower Brain/ Reptile Brain / Brain Stem/ Survival Brain 500,000,000 Years All Body functions that are carried out unconsciously like breathing, digestion, heart beating, immune system, reproduction, everything linked to our survival Mid Brain / Limbic System / Mammalian Brain 220,000,000 Years Seat of our emotions, Memory and learning, sorting, control of hormonal system Higher Brain/ Neocortex/ Homo Sapiens brain / Forebrain 200,000 Years Higher order thinking, logical/analytical /judgment, executive functions, creativity has faculty of understanding CONFDENTIAL 26
Arvind Pendse
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Arvind Pendse talks about the functioning of the brain from the perspective of common questions we encounter - Why are people so different in terms of personality, ability, temparament - Are we born that way or are these traits acquired? - Addiction...
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