Creative application of KM techniques
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Talk arranged by Pune KM community. Presenter: Rudolf D'Souza founder,CEO Inknowin Consulting. Topic: Knowledge at the Bottom of the Pyramid – Lessons from an Infrastructure and Construction Conglomerate. Very rarely a knowledge management initiative impacts efficiency and effectiveness of every employee in the organization – entry level employees being most frequently left out. Instead of the conventional top-down approach, this construction major ventured through unpredictable territory where knowledge was captured, retained, and shared right from the level of semi-literate construction workers, all the way up to project managers. Rudolf’s presentation will capture creative application of KM techniques like Story Boards, After Action Reviews, Videos, Notice Boards and so on. In addition to the techniques he will also discuss the usage context, implementation and benefits. With a title inspired by CK Prahalad's groundbreaking work, Rudolf will explain his case where a knowledge sharing culture is propogated from the bottom of the organization's pyramid.
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